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Junk Food Is Poison

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Junk Food is Poison. It is not a treat. A treat is something that is good for you. For food to be a treat, it needs to be good for your body. It needs to give you the nutrients that you need in order to grow, repair damages, and prevent disease. The nutrients that do this are the proteins, calcium, fiber, essential oils, vitamins, and other minerals. When you eat food, it gets broken down into these nutrients and then they get reassembled to build and repair and take care of your health.
If you put something in your mouth that does not have these nutrients, then it is actually something that is bad for you. It is bad because it steals whatever nutrients you may have had from other more nutritious food. Those few nutrients are used to take care of the junk that was deficient in nutrients.
Imagine a piece of junk food that has artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or anything else that is not real food. Every time you put something like that in your body even though it is not even food and it has zero nutrition in it, your body has to waste the good nutrients, which I call soldiers, from previous meals to capture and take out the poisons. If you are stressed, you will have very few of these good soldiers. You need them to capture viruses before they copy each other. You need them to keep your immune system strong, or to generate new skin, to stay looking healthy or young, or to heal booboos. You need them so that you can focus. If you eat very few good soldiers and a lot more junk, you are cheating your body.
Many times, children and adults put into their mouth junk that does not have any nutritional value at all. The Valentine’s candy, for example, has only poisons in it and absolutely no nutrients. The artificial ingredients are made from gasoline. In small amounts, we do not notice the damage right away. But there is damage, and I have written about that in other entries.
Anything that you put in your mouth (except water) needs to provide nutrition. It should not take away nutrition. If it does, it is a poison. It kills slowly, but it kills. It also does significant damage to people’s bank accounts when they start to frequent the dentists when they are older.
Look at labels and see if the food gives anything that your body needs. Look for food that has twice as much protein as fat. You need to get calcium from lean sources as well. You need to mix fiber with every bite of protein. And you need essential oils.
Do not listen to foods that say that they are healthy. They are marketing themselves to get your dollars. Listen to my advice. Read my books. And eat many frequent meals balanced with protein, fiber, and calcium. You will be lean and healthy.

Twilight Zone of Junk Food

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My first daughter’s school, (“Scottsdale Academy of Arts,”)a half Montessori-style beautiful school with a ballet school inside it, wrote that the day’s snack was fruit. When I came midday unexpectedly, which most parents never did at this school, I saw the children sitting around the table eating life savers type of candy that was fruit flavored. That is what they called fruit snack. This was not the first time. And it was not the only school.
Apparently a lot of schools advertise that they give fruit snacks. But to save money, the fruit is just candy that is fruit flavored. It never even fell near a fruit. This candy is as opposite of healthy as it gets. It’s poison. The school bribes the children because they only care to keep things easy and happy while the children are there. They don’t care about the long term damages that they do to all the children.
They teach their taste buds to like something that they initially didn’t even like. They teach them that poison is a treat. They teach them to eat junk socially together instead of real food. They certainly don’t teach them what they advertise and what I pay for.
At such a young age, children will eat whatever you put in front of them. They learn from imitation. You can teach them to like anything healthy that you want. All the pre-schools, no matter how expensive, can be corrupt in this way and secretly give out the junk. Sometimes other parents bring it to save themselves money, too. There is so much to watch out for in this battle against the junk food.
The next time you place your child in a pre-school, ask about their junk food policy. Don’t believe them. If you can drop by in the middle of the day, you will see what really happens. It’s nearly impossible to do for working parents, but it’s one way to battle this. It’s just the first battle against the junk. It gets even more difficult as they age.
I need the state to make stricter regulations. Maybe if there was a junk food whistle blower website that parents could use… But who wants to ruin a business that is overall contributing to the community? So it’s up to the business owners to be more educated and conscientious and firm with other parents, and it’s up to stores like Costco to offer bulk healthy options for schools. I am open to any suggestions on this subject.
Right now, I feel like I live in the Twilight Zone of Junk Food. The entire universe thinks that it’s okay to serve it as a snack in all pre-schools. Nobody is really addressing this issue because the schools are private. Nobody is doing anything about it. And children grow up demanding junk instead of tomatoes by the time they reach K.

I send a big, nutritious HeartMark to all and please look for food that you love that is good for you through the heartmark!
HeartMark Health logo with the heart hand gesture invented by Tali Lehavi