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Mandala Secret Code?

I found this old entry from 7.1.1998, at 4:45 pm!!! It is a section in which I think to myself and brainstorm by writing my thoughts. I tend to review ideas this way at the same time. It is one of the methods I use to generate ideas. The marketable results from a section like […]

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Take That to the Fair! The Rule of Expansion

Here is another useful fact that no one else has ever talked about because it is another HeartMark Health original: The Rule of Expansion. The Rule of Expansion refers to how much bulk space food takes up in your stomach after it sits there for a few minutes. It assumes that you want to maximize […]

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Daily Set Point for Water and Sugar (TM)

Have you ever noticed that the less you drink, the less you feel the need to drink water? Have you noticed that the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want? These two questions began my study 15 years ago on what I call the body’s Daily Set Point for Water and Sugar, or […]

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