Heartiyoli World!

Welcome to Planet Heart! Planet Heart is a licensing agency. In 1996, Lehavi invented a world of cartoon characters that are made up 100% of hearts. She named it Lovelle’s Garden and Planet Heart.
All the Heartlings on Planet Heart connect their hands via Lehavi’s invented, patented, and trademarked heart hand gesture which she calls the HeartMark.
Lehavi invented stories, poems, dancing choreography, television episodes, hand choreography, games, toys, and entire product lines inspired by this HeartMark and Planet Heart. All of these are available for licensing.
Please navigate through this site to learn about Lehavi’s inventions.
If you are an inventor, you will find Lehavi’s story fascinating. Look to read about her personal struggles to market her work in the about section.
If you are the media, please check out Lehavi’s press releases, or call her for an interview. Very few artists in this world have been willing to work for fourteen years on their passion…
If you are a manufacturer, please fill out the contact form so that you can see Lehavi’s portfolios. The products range from room decor, to jewelry, to apparel, to accessories, textiles, bath, and so on. Whatever your product, let Lehavi show you her innovative designs!

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