1. Admit that you deserve to be healthy!

Do you like yourself? Do you think that you deserve to be healthy?
I hope you answer yes! If you cannot answer yes, you should work on that part. Everyone deserves to be healthy. Everyone, deep down inside, wants to avoid pain, diseases, tiredness, hormonal imbalances, and the hosts of problems that result when one system begins to break down in the body. Everyone wants to live, no matter how confused or how much help they might need.

Now you are going to help yourself. You have to. You have your body, and no one else can enter it for you. No one can do this for you. No one will feel sick for you. HeartMark, breathe deeply, exhale fully, inhale fresh air, and tell yourself, “I deserve to be healthy. I deserve to have no pain. I deserve to have energy. I deserve to sleep well at night. I deserve to feel great.”

(And just a side note–while no one can be there to do this for you, it is always beneficial to surround yourself with positive people. Try to recognize people who are usually positive and choose to be around them. You deserve to be around people that make you feel good, too! And you can do the same for them!)

In certain times in life, it is admirable to be “self-less.” But you can be generous and kind without being completely self-less. When it comes to your health, you can NEVER be self-less. You cannot help others when your health is weak. You have to permit yourself the right to take care of your health. This means that you have to be generous to yourself. It is okay. It is not the same as being selfish. The best way to help others is to be healthy, and to be a great example, too!

The best way to be healthy is to eat fresh, unprocessed, whole foods, to exercise, and to sleep well as a result, without drugs. No alcohol. No artificial ingredients.

The next step is to associate feeling great with doing what’s good for you. It is called classical conditioning. You are going to condition yourself to feel great. Read on! 🙂

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