Tali Lehavi, Planet Heart creator

After UC Berkeley, Tali Lehavi received her PhD in Hearts from Planet Heart University where she wrote a thesis about the geometry of the heart. In fact, she has studied its form for over 30 years. She is also the mother of three girls who have a great heart, the inventor of the hand-heart gesture called the HeartMark, in which hands create a heart, which is her registered trademark and patent, creator of Planet Heart, an owner of several US patents, a nutrition educator, and a HeartMark Yogalates, ballet, and creative dance instructor, among other things!
“The Bigger You Dream, the Bigger You Allow Others to Dream! ™” This is the motto I invented in college. It freed me to envision a world–and then a galaxy– in which …everything is ideal. The heart is the most elemental design, the basis of all that is positive and good. Therefore, I chose to express myself solely through hearts. I want all my products to be 100% positive, to teach children what works, from nutrition, to fitness, to math, to character education.”
The Planet Heart brand aims to teach children to want to be positive, and to enjoy being positive. It’s going to be cool to make good choices for oneself.
Planet Heart can teach all of us and remind us of how we should be… even when we haven’t slept enough. That’s really the goal–to be our best when we are challenged in reality.
Let’s make Planet Earth a Planet Heart! ™

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