Happy Heart Mandala Poster, 23 by 23

Let this happy Heart Mandala (TM) channel its love to you and all those around you in the room. The entire image is made 100% of hearts, full of integrity to goodness. The colors are happy and vibrant. Every bit of the image is symmetrical. It will make your left, logical brain super happy to see such comfortable, perfect symmetry. But the happy, beauty will fill your right hemisphere with joy. This image stimulates both sides of the brain, gives both an equal say, and says–both of you are important, both of you count, and you’re being acknowledged and heard! If you place the Happy Heart Mandala in a room for meditation, please let it inspire you to listen to both sides of your brain because both always need to express themselves!

Thank you and I HeartMark You!,

Pressing the link will send you to Zazzle where you can order this as a framed or unframed poster!

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