Heart Mandalas Book! $9.99

Cover of the Heart Mandalas book from Planet Heart

Fantastic, gorgeous black and white designs to color in for all ages!


This is one of the most popular products that Planet Heart sells! If you are looking for a gift that will guarantee smiles that will last longer than the first day, buy this book. It turns out that every age group has enjoyed it. The designs are arranged from simple to intricate, although all are beautiful.
Enter the magical world of Planet Heart. See some of the ways that hearts can actually combine, which has never been studied before until author, artist, and inventor Lehavi has studied it.
Lehavi wanted to create a world of hearts. In order to do that, she studied the many ways that heart combine. The results are actually images that items on Planet Heart look like, or move in the direction of. In other words, a heart mandala in the book might be a heart popsicle on Planet Heart, or a Heartmobile, or –it might be the choreography of movement of the birds, flying from one image to another. This is all the ground work for the animation… stay tuned!

*Special note to parents of autistic children: I have received feedback from parents of autistic children of multiple age groups. The patterns are so symmetrical in all my Heart Mandala books that all children and adults respond well to them. But parents of autistic children have been especially surprised by how much the children are drawn to these perfectly symmetrical images. I hope you enjoy these, and please leave a review for others to benefit as well!

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