HeartMark Chain of Love! “Connect Through Love”

Artist Tali Lehavi has known all her life how to make hearts with her body. She designed a world made of Hearts called Planet Heart, in which all the Heartlings and visitors find ways to connect by making a heart between them. The Heart-Hand gesture is her invention. Lehavi named the concept of joining several items to make a heart a “HeartMark.” She named every variation of HeartMark that can be done with the hands and created poems, finger rhymes, games, and HeartMark Fitness classes to name a few of her HeartMark inventions. The HeartMark Yogalates was featured on television!

Lehavi received several trademarks and US patents to protect the concept of connecting through love. She also registered all her designs with the copyright office. Lehavi licenses the HeartMark. For licensing information, contact her at talilehavi@aol.com.

I HeartMark You!

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