I HeartMark Yoga!

The heart hand gesture in which hands make a heart is the most peaceful, meditative pose artist and inventor could think of. She named it the HeartMark to distinguish it from hearts that are made of one piece. A dance instructor herself, Lehavi invented a cartoon character world in which everyone connects to make the HeartMark as they dance. She began to name each of the dance styles, poses, and routines. Later, Lehavi transitioned the imaginary cartoon world into the real world and formed actual HeartMark Yogalates, HeartMark ballet, HeartMark Hip Hop, and other dance styles like HeartMark Samba. 🙂 Lehavi was awarded a US patent for the HeartMark for use in teaching of yoga! She wrote raps, HeartMark hand choreography, and choreographed actual performances.

Yoga is a healthy exercise. Remember to only do the poses that feel right. If it hurts, don’t do it!

I HearMark You,

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