HeartMarking figurines $11.95

Figurines from fimo clay that make the trademark heart hand gesture called the HeartMark that is available for license by Tali Lehavi
Heartling Figurines HeartMark!(TM)–the trademark gesture invented by Lehavi

Welcome to the world of Planet Heart! In Planet Heart, all the Heartlings HeartMark! The HeartMark is the Heartling’s unique heart hand trademark gesture. Only the Heartlings may do this heart hand gesture, unless another character pays a license. The HeartMark heart hand gesture is a patented gesture as well as a US trademark of Tali Lehavi! Lehavi invented this gesture and made it famous!

Lehavi creates and sells many Heartlings with the HeartMark gesture faster than she can post their image. As such, if you would like to request a specific design of a specific character/species with specific colors, please contact Lehavi: talilehavi@aol.com.

To license the gesture for your dolls, please contact Lehavi as well: talilehavi@aol.com.

I HeartMark You!

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