HeartPetal Tunnel–Mandala Poster

Tali Lehavi, an artist, author, mathematician, psychologist, nutritionist, fitness educator, and lover of all things that are good for us, has focused on the heart form for many years. Lehavi was intrigued by its geometry and wondered why no one ever studied it for its “geometrical powers.” This led Lehavi to invent many ways in which hearts can combine together. Lehavi creates mandalas that are 100% made of hearts, her trademark. She combines this art form with her cartoon character world Planet Heart, where everything is made of hearts. Many of the heart mandalas are actually heartventures which the Heartlings experience on their planet.
In addition, Lehavi also discovered that mandalas have a stimulating and yet soothing effect on our brain hemispheres. This geometric design is made 100% of hearts. It is at once logical as it is aesthetic. It will help you find your focus and balance your hemispheres as well.
Let the HeartPetal Tunnel Mandala remind you to respect your own right and left hemispheres and find places for them to express themselves without judgement. If your left brain wants order, so be it. If your right brain wants to be creative and break that order, let it be creative. Both sides of your brain are like children who want to be heard to be all that they can be so that they can mature fully. This is not about doing impulsive irrational acts that are unsafe. This is about finding safe outlets for both. For more information or to license this and other designs, please contact talilehavi@aol.com.

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