Latest Dream…Infinite Love

Repeat pattern of the Insight symbol, family, power of infinite goodness

copyright of Tali Lehavi, with the trademark symbols of Power, Insight, and Family in repeat patterns, available for licensing

Original elaborate design of Planet Heart in 2D

Original elaborate design of Planet Heart in 2D

Through out the years, my dreams have always informed me of the simplest form of my ideas. I find the solutions and see things with perspective in my dreams. …I get great work done when I sleep! Early this morning, I dreamed that the Power of Infinite Goodness will be marketed more easily as the symbol for “infinite love.” I have always seen that as one of the shortened meanings of the full name. But I have been reluctant to cut it right from the start.

I like to start with the full, complete picture before I simplify. When I invented the heart hand gesture called the HeartMark in 1996, it began as the trademark gesture of the Heartlings on Planet Heart. I immediately realized that it was my trademark gesture in representing all my work. But in trying to market it, I only realized to flash it in people’s faces plain and simple as my calling card after I dreamed that I should do that. So my dreams explain to me that marketing requires simplification. (Before the dream, I had been flashing it in people’s faces, but it was preceded and followed by quite a lot of explanations of the Planet Heart and the products that will follow.) When I licensed the HeartMark heart hand gesture to a cooking school, I explained to them to flash the HeartMark and say it’s a trademark gesture. This awesome insight was 100% thanks to my dream.

Before inventing the HeartMark, In 1996, I came out with 11 and then 13 incredibly unique ways to combine 2 hearts. These first basic combinations became a line of symbols with meanings and super powers and I named them. It was step 1 to creating a planet made of hearts. The combinations ted to the Power Symbol, the Insight Symbol, the Family symbol, and others. I used to draw them over and over because they were so important. They helped me think about the bigger meanings in life. I named parts of the Power Symbol “Care, Patience, Trust, and respect.” Then I made the Power Symbol with these named parts become the shape that makes up Planet Heart. Each named section became an ocean on the planet. I stuck the “insight symbol” as the portion inside the Power Symbol. It’s where Lovelles have their annual meanings. It’s also a an important part of the resolution of the big adventure script that I wrote. And then I put these two symbols within the Family Symbol. The result is that Planet Heart looks like a flower with all these important symbols within it.

Then I dreamed that people will copy Planet Heart. They will just make a globe and stick heart-shaped continents on it. Or they will just make a big bubble heart which will be the shape of the Planet. I designed all three, and kept all three options in my pitches, hoping that if I thought of every variation first, that I will be protected from the infringers.

So I did the same with the name of the Power Symbol. Power Symbol for short. Infinite Goodness for short. Infinite Love as a variation. Power of Infinite Goodness to those who will care to know every real detail. And really, goodness is more important to me than love. But love is so much more marketable.

Last summer, I tried to buy I went into The web address was available. I waited an hour to think about whether or not to make the purchase. Then I decided that I must buy It’s the most me. It’s a huge part of my identity for all these years. It’s been a huge part of my designs. I don’t have the budget to have a website for each idea, but this one seemed important. One hour after I looked it up in register, it was no longer available for purchase. I am convinced that some company tracks what people look up and then buys these things. This happened to me with Same exact story.

This morning, I looked up infinite love. It’s over a decade and a half since I originally wanted it… It is taken. And the owner is using it to make the exact jewelry design that I designed and named “insight symbol.” My attitude on this is that I have plenty of other ideas. I can’t argue and try to keep my rights to every single idea. I just wish I could earn from one. But I have been building the Power of Infinite Goodness pretty well throughout the years, and I can stick to that. I have it registered as a trademark and a copyright. The other symbols are super important in Planet Heart. And I used them first. But the key is to focus on one thing.

And I will stick to the name the Power of Infinite Goodness. And I will still call it the Power Symbol for short, and Infinite Goodness for short, and use the logos Heart In Every Direction and Love in Every Direction. (TM). I probably need to learn more lessons in this area.

I need a different dream to help me to the next level in this case. How can I market this and make it bigger? I can’t wait for tonight!

The Power of Infinite Goodness is inside you! (TM)


Power Insight and Family in one of many repeat patterns available for licensing from Planet Heart

Power, Family, and Insight in one of many combinations and repeat patterns that are available for licensing from Planet Heart

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