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Calcium never gets enough attention. This blog is directed to women. As always with HeartMark Health, this article will not repeat the same old material that you can find elsewhere.

Women do not store extra calcium that does not get consumed from one day to the next once they are about 24. This means that they need to get an adequate new dose daily.

The more protein a woman eats, the more she needs to take in calcium. I learned when I was young that the proportion should be 8:6 in terms of protein to calcium. I learned it from a doctor with high specializations, but I am not sure if that makes it absolutely true. In fact, this article is not going to focus on numbers. And I am not going to get into the “best sources” of calcium on purpose. The key to remember from this paragraph is that the more you eat protein, the more you can lose calcium, so make sure to eat both. The recent rise in Atkin’s style diets completely left out this important partner to protein.

My earlier blog teaches that everyone should eat protein, fiber (from vegetables and fruits,) and calcium in every meal, small or big. Please refer to it for more detail. The calcium follows the fruits and vegetables, which helps it get absorbed thanks to the vitamin C in the fruits and vegetables. Often, sources of calcium are more of a base, so they balance the acid in the food that precedes. This is great for your stomach and your teeth. Your enamel will thank you.
I find that a lot of articles try to tell you where to get your calcium because they want to sell a particular product. HeartMark Health is about listening to your body and finding what’s right for you. Take the time to find what makes you feel great. You deserve to take this time out for yourself. It is important. Take the time to read labels, eat slowly, listen to how you feel, and soon you will know if your calcium is right for you.

Often, your cravings will tell you what minerals and nutrients you need. If you crave something vanilla, or even vanilla ice cream, your body might really be asking for calcium. The sugar in the ice cream will steal the calcium. See if a healthy cheese will not stop the craving. (A craving for a sugary treat could also mean that you skipped your protein meal. It takes time to learn to interpret your cravings correctly.) Another solution to the ice cream craving is to make your own using xylitol and milk. You can use milk from a cow, or other sources. You can even buy calcium in a can and add it yourself.

Place 1/3 cup xylitol (or any amount you wish) in a bowl with 2 cups of diced strawberries for an hour or longer. Add the milk of your choice, and place into the ice cream machine. The result is delicious and healthy. Just make sure you there is calcium in your creation. I love the new Shamrock Farms milk that has 60% calcium.

Lots of products have calcium even though they don’t come from a cow. There’s almond cheese, which has 25% calcium, 7 grams of protein, and 1 gram fat. It melts when heated. The jalapeno flavor is my favorite—especially in a tortilla filled with whatever meat and vegetables I have. It is often on sale at Sprouts for around $3. Today it was $4.29 at Whole Foods, without a sale. (I tweet my favorite products with photos if you follow me: twitter/talilehavi. )
Organic brown (or black) unhulled sesame seeds that come in bulk are another versatile source of calcium that you can add to all your foods! Make sure you read the label. Often, the sesame seeds are missing the calcium. I buy mine at Whole Foods. They price went up to $4.99/lb in the past few years. The value of nutrition for the price is great. The green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are also great in calcium, but they are not a base to neutralize the acids for ending the meal. You should still eat them for all their many benefits! If you can tolerate dairy, a simple light cheese stick at the end of the meal is a fast and easy way to add 20% calcium to your daily total.

I could take too long to recommend products. Instead, please give yourself time to explore this subject. Whatever you do, don’t skip the calcium. Don’t over-do it either. Check with your doctor.

The HeartMark is your reminder to take time out, focus on your health, and visualize the details that go on inside your body so that you can learn the cause and effect between your food intake and your feelings. Visualize your bones staying strong as you age, visualize your muscles without the cramps, your teeth without cavities, and so on!

I HeartMark You!


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