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The US government shows what they think should be on your plate. Though it is an improvement in the right direction, I think the list should be a bit different. I can teach my food plate in a 45 minute entertaining lecture to children and their parents. I review what each food group is, what benefits it has for your body, and what you should avoid. This is one of the things that the government left out–what does not belong on your plate.

I wish for all teachers to teach children nutrition from a very young age. I think this information belongs even in PE class-physical education is what PE stands for. I prefer that they teach the HeartMark Health guidelines, but any basic definitions of basic concepts will be a great start. I wish cafeteria food would follow my guidelines for sure! That’s for another blog!

For those who are brave enough to make their own pathways in life, please consider some of my suggestions and wishes. I will make it easier for you with my handouts. Just contact me for the attachments. talilehavi@aol.com.

Below are the food groups that belong on your plate, based on the main benefits to your body. Children are sponges. If you teach them, and if you review this every year, they will grow up into healthy adults.

Heart Hand HeartMark Health Plate is more accurate than government's  my plate and teaches based on nutritional benefits not food groups

Below are also the ingredients that do not belong in your body. You can define these. The children are smart enough to get it. Repeat it enough times and they will learn.

I HeartMark You!

Heart Hand HeartMark Health plate that shows what should never be on your plate

Children learning HeartMark Health at Sprouts Supermarket, doing the Heart Hand gesture as they learn

Children learning HeartMark Health lecture in Sprouts Supermarket, doing the Heart Hand gesture to "See What They Love" and connect with their body!

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