Holiday HeartFlakes (TM)

Happy HeartFlakes from Planet Heart to make your holiday happy!
Happy for Hannukah, happy for Christmas!

The HeartFlakes (TM) are a brand represented by Planet Heart. It comes from the Heart Mandala brand. In other words, artist Tali Lehavi invented a world made of hearts. When she set it down on paper, the elaborate heart designs became 1 brand for licensing for linens, room decor, games, toys, software, publishing, and multiple applications. The design style is a trademark of Tali Lehavi, as well as her use of 100% only hearts. After the Heart Mandala books and toys became popular, Lehavi branched into the clothing line. The HeartFlakes are now their own trademark series! They are also available for licensing. Lehavi created several books of designs dedicated to the HeartFlakes from Planet Heart!



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