Nursing is not Easy

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The trademark Heart Hand gesture is called the HeartMark! May you take the time to HeartMark and think about what goes into your body today!

The following entries have advice on nursing. I have nursed all three daughters it seems without much of a break for the past decade. While I am writing here information that I rarely see elsewhere, I am not saying any of it is easy.

In 2008, I was promoting the heart hand gesture, which I invented, patented, and trademarked and called the HeartMark– through nutrition lectures. I used to nurse the 5 week old newborn just before the nutrition lectures. I had to find discreet corners of Sprouts supermarkets before my HeartMark Health lectures began. Eventually, someone complained. Sprouts management said something about it…

…When I think of how tough I worked while nursing, all because I thought I was building equity in the brand and I dreamed of licensing it and having a health show on television and the net, using my cartoon characters to promote HeartMark Health, launching the television show for them, launching the toys and using the HeartMark for toy commercials. It was so worth working so hard because legally–the person that uses the trademark first owns it. I had paid babysitters out of pocket to facilitate all this. It was so important to me to promote the heart hand as a trademark of health. And … it was very tough.

When I traveled with my own money to do the tours in CA, my parents drove several hours out of the way just to help… I had hoped it would some day pay off because I was using the heart hand in commerce and no one had ever used it before–it was my invention since I was very young, and I had dedicated my entire adult life to it since college.

Three years later, my daughter is still clinging to me. She seems more dedicated to nursing than the others. She is not ready to agree that milk or hugging or caressing is a fair substitute.

The heart hand HeartMark brand is about listening to one’s body, listening to the truth, and doing one’s best. I hope mothers who want what’s best for their children will consider these points before they make their nursing decisions. I hear too many mothers complain that their milk ran out, and they don’t know why. The following entries offer some new explanations.

I HeartMark You!

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