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Blog about the craft, benefits, and psychology of mandalas.

The Synergy between Art and Science:

Hearts are my tools, like words to a poet, and colors to a painter.  They are an elegant synergy of order and creativity, predictability and surprise.  Hearts are geometric, which is beautiful–the right side of the brain fires up.  Emotions like warmth and love and beauty activate as well.  But hearts have so much logic […]

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The XYZ Patterns

The X-Y-Z PatternsTM Did you know that we all navigate through life on an x-y-z axis?  Our body takes up space.  Our body is upright, along the z axis.  We always bend or lift things along the z-axis.  At all times, we have a front side and a back side, which is the x-axis.  We […]

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Mandala Definition

  Mandala–a circular image that radiates out symmetrically.  It is used by many religious traditions as a meditative tool.  Only Planet Heart has Heart Mandalas.  Planet Heart’s mandalas have special meditative qualities.  The Heart Mandalas are both aesthetic and logical, creative and rigid, fluid and fixed.  They unite many synergistic forces, but especially those of […]

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