The Synergy between Art and Science:

Hearts are my tools, like words to a poet, and colors to a painter.  They are an elegant synergy of order and creativity, predictability and surprise.  Hearts are geometric, which is beautiful–the right side of the brain fires up.  Emotions like warmth and love and beauty activate as well.  But hearts have so much logic to them.  I like that I can systematically rotate them in specific percents through space, control them, and insist on patterns that make mathematical sense.  I like the challenge to make something this orderly, and then have the final result look so aesthetic as well.  I hear my right brain argue with the left to keep the pattern, because the left just needs it to assert itself obsessively, and then the right finds pleasure in breaking the pattern, but only because my left brain permits this break—because there is a logic and a great reason for breaking it.  (The Heart Mandalas challenge one to recognize the error in the pattern–the error is on purpose.  “Yet, sometimes a break in pattern is necessary for aesthetic reasons!”  –The right side can be so intrusive.  But my left brain chose that word “necessary.” “I’ve made organized patterns of breaks in the pattern,” –says the stubborn left brain.)   And then sometimes I slip and break the pattern because I mess up, because I am not perfect, or because I react to other influences around me– distractions, desires, impulses.  In the end, does the final product suffer?  No.  The result is always aesthetic and logical at once.

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