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Sponaps Gen II

Sponaps Gen II–Connect Through Love! by talilehaviJoin one of the largest artist affiliate programs The Sponaps are a special breed of HeartMarkers who have an obsessive need to connect to each other by making a heart between them. Join the Sponap movement! All the products are represented by the trademark heart hand gesture called the […]

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Sponaps–Gen X

Sponaps–Gen X by talilehaviSee more Heart T-Shirts The Sponaps (TM)–Gen X is a continuation of the series of Sponaps. The Original Sponaps were the circles with 4 heartbites who live on Sponapia on Planet HeartMark, near Planet Heart. They were the heroes who figured out that by connecting through to each other, they can save […]

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Heart Hand HeartMark Key Chain!

I Heart Hand Planet Heart by talilehaviJoin one of the biggest graphic design affiliate programs These and other key chains are available on my Zazzle, CafePress, and other online retailers! The heart hand, called the HeartMark, is the trademark gesture that represents all of Lehavi’s work. Everything on Planet Heart connects through the HeartMark. It […]

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Daughters Lighting the Path…United Through Love

Daughters Lighting the Path (TM) by talilehaviMore Heartmark T-Shirts Daughters united though love t0shirt Girls United Through Love! This particular design is old, but my new inspiration is my three amazing daughters. May they stay united and strong! The design is registered. The Heart Connection is a brand of connectivity. To license, please contact […]

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Girls Unite!

Girl Power Connected Through Love!(TM) by talilehaviBrowse other Heart T-Shirts Another HeartMark original! The HeartMark is the concept of two items coming together by making a heart between them. This is an original concept invented by Tali Lehavi and represented by the heart hand gesture that she also invented, trademarked, patented, and copyrighted. If you […]

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