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HeartMark Yogalates (TM)

HeartMark Yogalates Shirt by talilehaviBecome a clothing affiliate at zazzle.com The HeartMark Yogalates is an original, patented and trademark yoga lesson in which we make hearts as we practice a very intelligent fusion of yoga, pilates, ballet, and the HeartMark Health philosophies. For training, books, and licensing opportunities, contact talilehavi@aol.com. To clarify, please do not […]

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HeartMark Yogalates Lesson, Ages 3-5

Heartiyoli! All fitness routines using the heart hand poses called the HeartMark which I invented, and making other shapes with the body are protected by US patent, trademark, and copyright laws. If you would like this lesson taught in your school, scouts, or community in general, please contact me for permission, more materials, suggestions, and […]

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The XYZ Patterns

The X-Y-Z PatternsTM Did you know that we all navigate through life on an x-y-z axis?  Our body takes up space.  Our body is upright, along the z axis.  We always bend or lift things along the z-axis.  At all times, we have a front side and a back side, which is the x-axis.  We […]

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