HeartMark Yogalates Lesson, Ages 3-5

All fitness routines using the heart hand poses called the HeartMark which I invented, and making other shapes with the body are protected by US patent, trademark, and copyright laws. If you would like this lesson taught in your school, scouts, or community in general, please contact me for permission, more materials, suggestions, and I may even come to help out!

Educational lesson for 3-5 year olds!

A. Introduction:
Can you name a shape?
A square, good. (Can you find an example? Show examples.)

Can you make a square with your hands? Put your hands together to form a square!
Repeat with more shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle, ellipse.

Is a heart a shape?

Can you make a heart with your hands?

This is called the HeartMark. ™

B. You can make the HeartMark with your friends!

Can you HeartMark above your head? Behind your back? On your toes (and stttttretch!)

C. See What You Love through the HeartMark (TM)
You can look through the HeartMark. Use it to frame anything you like!
What’s your favorite animal?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite furniture?

What is your favorite body part?

Who is your favorite friend?

Who is your favorite video?

C. HeartMark Rhyme: Make a HeartMark and repeat:
A heart around my ankle
A heart around my nose,
A heart around my heart,
And round my Heart it goes.

D. Choose from HeartMark Yogalates or HeartMark Games and Poems Crafts.

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