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Nursing Benefits that No One Talks About

No one reveals a particular benefit of nursing, so I will. Articles often mention the benefits of antibodies that the mother transfers to the child in the first six months of nursing. These antibodies are a special collection that the mother’s body learned to make from illnesses she had throughout her life. It is useful […]

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Nursing on Demand

Nursing on demand means that the mother’s body will be perfectly synchronized with her child’s needs. A mother who nurses on demand purely from her breast and not from a bottle will know when her child is hungry even if she leaves the house. Nature provided a perfect mechanism to keep mothers close enough to […]

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The Danger of Pumping for Nursing Mothers

Mothers who pump their milk do so with the best intentions. Mothers who juggle working in the office with nursing are heroic. However, when their milk runs out fast and they wonder why, I want to provide the explanation. Information is key to help mothers make the best choices for themselves. The child’s requests for […]

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