Nursing on Demand

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Nursing on demand means that the mother’s body will be perfectly synchronized with her child’s needs. A mother who nurses on demand purely from her breast and not from a bottle will know when her child is hungry even if she leaves the house. Nature provided a perfect mechanism to keep mothers close enough to their child to protect it. (If I ever left the babies with a sitter and ran to the store, I’d feel the hunger in my child grow as the milk supply grew, and I knew that they would cry for food within five minutes of “letdown”—the moment the milk drops all at once. This way, I couldn’t stay away for too long!)

Nursing on demand is quite difficult. It is not for everyone. It is exhausting, and you really cannot just take off and leave for more than a couple of hours. But if you can be with your child and give them the breast each time they are hungry, you will find the relationship very satisfying. It is a tremendous privilege.

Children have magical qualities that relax you even when you are super exhausted. All three of mine actually instinctively caressed my skin while nursing. Nature is so brilliant. Staying this close to your child will allow you to truly know the moment they understand a new concept. My favorite part is that I tried juggling working from home and nursing on demand. Each time I was forced to take a break, I was actually benefitting from this opportunity to reflect. I made more progress in my head than I would have without this time out.

Big HeartMark to all mothers!

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