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You CAN be Free of Weight Issues

Sadly, there are still people who think they should change their habits for a brief amount of time in order to lose weight. I understand the desperation to get results. I understand the fear that they have no control to be successful otherwise, and I recognize the temporary boost in self esteem that they could […]

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The Protein-Fiber-Calcium-Essential Oils Relationship

HeartMark Health prefers to group food by 4 main categories that are different from the government’s groups. HeartMark Health has been teaching this for a long time. The recent changes to the food pyramid reflect that the government is finally getting closer to understanding that the benefits from the food are the focus of the […]

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Balance—Finding Your Own Prescription

Everybody says balance is good for you. Every article tells you to exercise, eat, and sleep a certain amount that is not too little but not too much. That is the problem. “Everybody says.” It is time that you say it. As a society, we are used to following prescriptions in life–from school rules, to […]

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