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Sadly, there are still people who think they should change their habits for a brief amount of time in order to lose weight. I understand the desperation to get results. I understand the fear that they have no control to be successful otherwise, and I recognize the temporary boost in self esteem that they could get from losing quickly just a few pounds fast. However, quick diet schemes never solve a dieter’s problems long term. They cause way too much danger to be worth starting. My goal is to help people understand that they have the power to be completely free of any weight issues physically and mentally.

If you are a yo-yo dieter, then not eating is constantly on your mind. You say no to food more times per second than people without the affliction. This means that for every 1000 times that you say no, you end up granting yourself permission. And that can happen way too frequently at this rate. If this resonates with you, then HeartMark Health is here to tell you that you can be free of these thoughts. It is possible, and there will be this day.

If you are a yo-yo dieter, than you might also be the type that thinks that you cannot open a bag without finishing it. You probably joke about it just to cover your fear that you can’t stop yourself. You might even make fun of those who can just eat one cracker and walk away. But have no fear. You deserve to be the kind of person that can walk away. You don’t need to perpetuate the bad habits. You can, and will conquer them.

If you are a yo-yo dieter, you might joke around with your friends and family that you always eat even though you are never hungry. This is another one of those thoughts that you can and will conquer.
People who yo-yo diet have what HeartMark Health calls “Thinking-Eating Disorders, “ or TED. The sample thoughts above impede success. If you want to conquer the yo-yo cycle, you need to address your TED’s. If you want to look like a different person, you have to change how you think on the inside and let yourself think like a different person.

The above examples of TED’s have in common the sense of lack of control. Every person who yo-yo diets is afraid deep down that they can never be thin consistently, under their own choices. They think that they have to have handcuffs or some artificial method to keep them from destroying themselves. They think that the all or nothing approach—controlling their body for small bursts of time and then letting go—is the extent of their “moral” strength for self control. Well, that’s just all so wrong. And control has nothing to do with moral strength.

The control that HeartMark Health promotes is not the type in which you see a temptation and don’t allow yourself to have it. HeartMark Health is actually all for having a pain free life and even indulgence in safe fun behaviors. So the control that I am referring to is a deep down sense that everything is okay and will be okay. You can eat whatever you want and even desserts and you will be fine. You won’t fall back into bad habits. You won’t suddenly eat the whole cake. You won’t hurt yourself. You can find this inner peace that you can just be. You can just eat what you want and everything will be okay. You’re going to make good choices and you will want things that are good for yourself. Just keep reading this and other blogs.

People can have HeartMark Health control. After enough practice, eating stops being an issue. It becomes a means to end hunger and to put nutrition in the body. It even becomes pleasurable without guilt.

However, before this can happen, people with TED’s have to realize that the changes must be gradual. You cannot become the person who …isn’t you, that person that you might make fun of a bit,… you know that fitness buff who eats grass… you wouldn’t want to turn into one of those over night. Does anyone? Those fitness buffs took years to turn their lives around and get this extreme. Actually, I don’t even recommend this extreme version. I like balanced approaches to health. The point is that even the most extreme health nuts became this extreme very gradually. One little choice to cut out processed meats led to another choice to cook some more, which led them to buy organic food in season. As they felt better and better, they got more into it.

The questions to ask yourself are—how healthy do you want to be today? Are you willing to give up the jokes and shed the image of yourself as the eternal dieter? Are you willing to buy healthier food? Are you willing to go to the gym? Do you deserve to be healthier than you are? Do you think you deserve to suffer and be unhealthy? When you put junk in your body, are you aware that you are hurting yourself? Are you aware of the damages that you do internally when you stuff things into your mouth? Do you stop to think about the damage the way that you stop to think about food once it is in the trash? Do you think that you are a garbage can? Do you want to think about the food that goes into your mouth and into your body? Do you want to connect between your mouth and your body? Can you take the time out to think about what goes in?

If you say that you deserve to be healthy, then you can conquer your TED’s and you will be free of them some day completely, with my guidance. (If you don’t think that you deserve to be healthy, then please try to find someone that can help you reach this important first step. You should surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good. You should try to create something positive about a subject that is very dear to you. You could help make a difference in the world and work towards a goal that you care very much about. No matter what you may think, you definitely deserve to be healthy. If you cannot accept this, you need to seek help that is beyond this blog. If you cannot find positive people, ask a professional to help you.)

Here is a fact that helped me when I started: Your body wants to be a consistent weight. Under normal conditions, you can eat more on some days and less on others. Your body naturally speeds up or slows down its metabolism to keep its weight constant. Your body likes stability. If you can stop the yo-yoing, your body will be healthier than if you lose weight quickly. I am sure that you already know that your body will slow down the metabolism drastically if you cut out calories all at once. Your body will think there’s a famine, it will slow down the breakdown of food, and when you will start overeating again, your body will still break down the food slowly. This will cause you to be bigger than you were in the beginning.

On days that you think you overate, you’ll be fine. Your body wants to be the same weight. Do not panic. Your body is made to handle it. Your body will speed up. It’s okay.

What you need to do is to stay stable for about 4 years. You need to resist the temptations to fit into something for the next date or reunion. I am not saying that you cannot lose weight. I am just asking that you think long term. Stop cutting calories. Stop making changes that you cannot keep. Add healthy habits, one at a time, that you can maintain for life.

When you add changes that you can maintain, your body will change too. With less salts in your system (found in processed foods), and without artificial diet products, you will look less bloated because you will have less water retention. With healthy oils instead of trans-fats, your hormone system will work really well, and you’ll be less bloated too. You will sleep better. You will have more energy and crave less chocolate and other temptations. With more vegetables and fruits, you will be more regular and you will feel lighter too. Overall, you will have more energy. If you exercise, you will feel even better. You will be hungrier from exercises, and you will reward this hunger with more healthy choices (described in other blog entries.)

If you keep this up, you will be healthier. You will feel great. If you will eat a lot and never be hungry and eat all the healthy choices that I describe, in the order that I describe, you will lose weight, too. Read my other blogs or buy my book to learn about the foods that make this happen.

Here is another useful fact:

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