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Heart Mandala Rewards:

I hope the Heart Mandalas can bring beauty to someone else out there.  I recommend cutting them out and feeling them in your hand.  Children can feel the magic of creating beauty on their own.  It is very satisfying.  Children can give parents Heart Mandalas as thank you’s to show their appreciation. Parents can hand […]

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OCD–and the Mandala Remedy:

The variety in nature is overwhelming (and beautiful at the same time.)  I see varieties in species, styles of cooking, materials—the potential variety in this list alone could be too much for me.  I find a relief, a cleansing, in forming HeartPatternsTM such as the Heart Mandalas. TM  When I draw a particular heartflower, I […]

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The Synergy between Art and Science:

Hearts are my tools, like words to a poet, and colors to a painter.  They are an elegant synergy of order and creativity, predictability and surprise.  Hearts are geometric, which is beautiful–the right side of the brain fires up.  Emotions like warmth and love and beauty activate as well.  But hearts have so much logic […]

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