Lovelle Discovers Her Gift


Copyright By Tali Lehavi

Lovelle was born with a very special gift.
“Why can’t we tell her about her gift?” the young Heart Aura asked as she flittered around Lovelle’s crib, spreading pink sparkles made of HeartFlower pollen.
“She has to discover it by herself. She has to be brave enough to discover it,” explained her older brother, a HeartThrob, who was covering Lovelle’s blanket with blue and red heart pollen.
“Auralia-dil,” explained the mother, “You, your brother, your father and I are all auras that came from the HeartThrob tree. Our job is to spread good aura by pointing out truths. We can compliment Lovelle and build her confidence. But what we say has to be based on traits that she has already exhibited and may not realize she has. Therefore, until she discovers and uses her gift, it is as if she does not have it.”
“So why are we spreading this heartpollen on her crib?” continued the inquisitive curly haired Auralia-dil.
“Doctor Bogon Backet said the heart pollen helps bring out the strengths that make each Heartling unique,” answered her brother, Hertzschlag. “I hope it will help her discover her gift faster!” Hertzschlag made sure to sprinkle wing-fulls of heartpollen.

Lovelle ate healthy, exercised, slept well, and grew up. She became a beautiful, heart-shaped girl who is an expert gardener. Now Lovelle played with heartpollen on her own! Lovelle planted heartseeds that grew into colorful heartflowers, heartvegetables, and heartfruit trees. Heartshape bugs of every color and size filled the garden with hums and buzz.
Often, Lovelle hosted her friends in the lively garden. Surrounded by the flowery aroma, they drank tea and ate fresh fruits and seeds. Such get-togethers usually inspired interesting conversations and great adventures.
“The lavender flowers will make a great ice cream flavor,” observed chef Truecor one beautiful morning in Lovelle’s garden.
“I have been sensing a very funny tickle every time I pass by these flowers lately.” In fact, I think I have been feeling a tingle in my heart and a tickle in my hands when I pass by every flower in full bloom,” said Lovelle.
“Why do you think this happens?” asked Bogon Backet, who is a doctor, but here on Planet Heart he is known as the “bearer of good news.” That is because people on Planet Heart take care of their health and their environment so well, that they rarely feel ill.
“Here on Planet Heart, we are very fortunate because we know how to be happy, and we can appreciate how fortunate we are. But I think of children far away who have a troubled heart. I have a strong desire to show these children how to see the world from a happy perspective. I really think I can help them. But why would I think of them every time I pass by the flowers?”
“Maybe the pollen can help you help the children. I am not familiar with any happy potion that comes from these flowers. How do you think the pollen might help?” Bogon Backet probed Lovelle’s heart further.
“I feel like I could use the flower pollen to bring these children to Planet Heart, or to travel to them! Could it work? Could my heart flower pollen have these magical powers? I am scared to try. What if it won’t work?”
“Just think of the wonderful adventures we could have with these children if you brought them to Planet Heart!” chef Truecor imagined seed hunting expeditions, river rafting over giant heartturtles, and heart berry parties with his famous muffins for every visit. “I don’t feel the tingles when I pass by your flowers, but I know that the berry fruits from your heartberry trees make better berry muffins than any other berries I have tried!”
“That is true, chef Truecor. These flowers seem to bring out the best in your baking abilities!” Bogon Backet said. “You just need to be brave and try, Lovelle,” encouraged Bogon Backet, “because I know you would be a great inspiration for other children.”

In the meantime, the aura-spreading HeartThrobs and HeartAuras flittered with silent anticipation. They had waited eleven years for Lovelle to discover her gift. Now she was so close! Would they have to wait much longer?

Also nearby, standing over the shiny Shingriver that crosses the heart of Lovelle’s Garden, Skipperlev Savvy and his protégé Kesemodo were listening to the conversation as they experimented with wands that make heart bubbles.
“If the water is pure enough, your magic spells will work very well with this heart bubble wand!” Skipperlev Savvy said as he handed his new invention to Kesemodo.
“You did it! Thank you Skip! The first magic trick with this wand will be to help Lovelle find a child who needs help!” Kesemodo said, and he dipped the wand into the Shingriver, blew out a large water bubble, and whispered a new heartrhyme:
“Water pure, bubbles with strength,
Show me a child that needs our help!”
Immediately, Kesemodo’s bubble showed a girl who seemed sad!
Lovelle saw the heartsun’s rays shining through the girl’s tears!
“Now I know exactly what I have to do!” Lovelle called. She grabbed the fluffiest, frostiest pollen she could reach and sprinkled it onto the bubble. Then Lovelle closed her eyes, hoped for the best, and soon she heartoosed herself through the heartsparkles, and into the bubble!
When she opened her eyes, after a quick sneeze, Lovelle was in Levina’s bedroom!
Finally, after eleven years, Lovelle discovered that she was given the gift of traveling through time and space! The auras believe that the HeartSun gave Lovelle this gift because she was so truly kind.
“Heartiyoli, Levina!” Lovelle greeted the girl. “It is such a waste of time to be sad when you can spend the whole day being happy. Please tell me what made you feel less happy, so I can help brighten you up!”
Levina explained why she was sad: “Later today I am supposed to dance in the talent show, and I want to very much. But I am afraid that I might fall from the stage and ruin the performance! My friends are counting on me to dance my part. I can not cancel the performance, but I am too afraid to dance.” Levina did not know what to do! “How could you help me feel less afraid?” she asked Lovelle.
“I can let you practice on the stage in my HeartGarden, but I am a bit afraid to take you there. The heartpollen worked to bring me all the way from Planet Heart to Planet Earth, but could the remainder of the heartpollen heartoose both of us back to Planet Heart?” Lovelle hesitated only long enough to realize that she really believes in herself and in her wishes to help this girl. “I believed before that the heartpollen would work and it did. Now I truly believe it will work again! Will you join me?”
Levina agreed. After a quick scribble of a heart in the air, Lovelle heartoosed Levina with her!

All of Lovelle’s friends applauded when she appeared, with a quiet landing, exactly where she left them moments before!

“Heartiyoli girls!” The Heart Garden friends welcomed Lovelle and Levina. [They taught her to heartmark hello by shaping her hands like half a heart and connecting them with theirs.] “We knew you could do it Lovelle!” all the Heart Garden friends cheered. “You had your whole heart in it, but you just had to be brave enough!”
“Thank you all for being so supportive. You helped me focus on what I really wanted,” Lovelle explained. “It is because I wanted to help you Levina so much, that I learned that I can heartoose myself or you from Planet Earth to Planet Heart. Maybe I can heartoose other Heartlings, and maybe we can travel to other planets too!”
“I suppose you should try it if you really believe in it! Then all you have to do is find the courage!” Levina added. “And maybe if you practice heartoosing, then you will be more confident with your new skill!”
“Yes, I think you are right Levina. Do you want to see if practicing the dance routine will help you before the performance?”
“I would love to practice in front of you, Lovelle. I want to be brave like you, and to focus on my goal. I just have to remember that I really want to dance in the show!” Levina repeated the rule she just learned.
“Lovelle’s garden has a special stage for performances!” Skipperlev Savvy showed off the stage he built for Lovelle for their first annual winter party. He did not tell Levina, but he was pretty sure his fall-proof device would protect her.
“I am scared that I’ll fall!” Levina felt stage fright just as she stepped on the beautiful heart shaped wooden stage.
“Just think of how proud you will feel after you and your friends finish the dance!” Lovelle reminded Levina to focus on the positive results.
Levina practiced the dance in front of Lovelle. She did not fall from the stage!
“Lovelle, you taught me to be brave like you! I am now ready to dance in the talent show with my friends. They will be so happy! Can you heartoose me back?”
“I am confident that I can!” Lovelle said. She collected some more fresh heartpollen, and with a quick poof of the hand and a sneeze, Levina landed back in her bedroom.
Levina changed just in time for the talent show. She performed with her friends the dance!
Levina’s family said she is an excellent dancer!

Back in Planet Heart, Lovelle felt very appreciative towards all her friends. She thanked her heartflowers for producing such excellent pollen. She thanked Bogon Backet and Truecor for encouraging her to be brave. And to the inventor and his protégé, she said, “Thank you Skipperlev Savvy and Kesemodo for inventing the heartwand and a special magical rhyme to help me see children who might need me!”
“I can help you with the heartbubbles every time, Lovelle!” Kesemodo offered.
Lovelle was so pleased that she learned to travel to other planets and to heartoose friends into Planet Heart. She danced a special “HeartMark Dance” with her HeartGarden Friends, so that everyone connected to each other with a heart between them. Then everyone waved the new HeartBubbleWand in celebration. Lovelle’s flowers were so happy with her, that they wiggled out of their roots just so that they can dance and heartmark along!
Watching from above, the auras giggled. As the heartsun set into the heartrizon, the HeartAuras and HeartThrobs lit up the sky with HeartAura sneezes. They formed heart patterns around the HeartGarden friends.
When Lovelle slept that night, her pillow stuffed with heartleaves and pollen, she dreamed of faraway lands and friends that she would some day meet.

Accessories and acting out in dance class:

Heart seeds in a basket. –to plant in garden.
Blue handkerchief/–for Planet Earth to jump into..
Heart wand.–
Heart Flowers.—to dance with at the end.
Lovelle costume–

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