Heart Mandala and Planet Heart Game Book 4 $6.95

Heart Mandala and Planet Heart Game Book 4 cover, green, with the world's most perfect heart on cover

This book comes with building hearts, like a building toy, or can be used as a coloring and activity book on its own!

To purchase this book, please follow this link to Amazon.com! Or, you may email me at talilehavi@aol.com with the subject: buy green book! If you would like to order at bulk together with many hearts, please contact me.

This book has been incredibly popular! Children and adults all love building games. The magical hearts that are designed to match the designs in the book have incredible super powers. Their trademark shape allows them to connect magically to each other at multiple angles. No other heart has ever been designed like this before and these hearts are only available through purchase or license from this website.

All the designs in the book are made using only three hearts. The hearts are exactly 50% of each other, which means that two little hearts fit inside the next size from them, progressively so. This little advantage makes the book useful for teaching math concepts. In addition, it offers more unique patterns.

The hearts’ base is a perfect straight line. Although not necessary, it is enjoyable to wedge them in many more angles than ever before possible. The exact wedging is very satisfying.

I can’t give away the truly magical secrets of these hearts all at once… But try overlapping them… you’ll have a nice surprise!

If you cannot afford to buy the hearts that come with the book–not to worry. Included in the back are one sided sheets with instructions and templates to make all the hearts that you will need!

Enjoy! I HeartMark You! 🙂

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