Heart Mandala Brain Teasers: In Color, Level A $15.95

cover of book Heart Mandala Brain Teasers IN Color, level A from Planet Heart

Brain Teasers in Color, with room to color in as well!

This beautiful book is available on Amazon if you follow this link.

Directly from Planet Heart, this book is full of beautiful and inspiring mandalas that are 100% made of hearts. The mandalas offer unique challenges that author and inventor Lehavi invented. Unlike typical pattern challenges that progress linearly, Lehavi discovered that mandala images have a predictable pattern about them. This means that a change in the pattern can be …a challenge to solve!
Lehavi discovered multiple types of challenges, ranging from design patterns to coloring patterns , to shading patterns. Within each of these, she found more categories of types of challenges. The book is organized according to the challenges that are appropriate for the younger age groups, with progressive levels just enough to make it constantly satisfying.
Lehavi knew that seeing the colorful designs will inspire children to want to color in their own mandalas, so many of the exercises give an additional design that’s in black and white.

With hopes that you enjoy this book,
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