Levli–The Yellow Sponap Coaster $9.95 or less with purchase of any 5 coasters

This is one coaster that’s sure to break the ice! The heart “bites” (TM) on this coaster allow you to connect it to other coasters with heartbites. The half heart bites face in the same direction all the way around. If you place this coaster near another coaster where the heart bites face the same direction, they will connect them to make a complete heart. This is not as simple as it sounds–sometimes it takes several attempts to rotate the coasters, which makes the party entertaining. Even more challenging–to make a 2 by 2 square, or a 3 by 3 square by aligning several coasters.
Even if the coasters are not placed immediately near each other, the space between them is one of love. The goal is for the entire room environment to communicate love, and to turn “negative space” into a positive. This way, our furniture reflects that we are all truly connected, and that we love to connect through love!
The Sponap is a character that lives on a land where shapes have to combine to make hearts. Sponapia was not always like this. Characters used to bounce around and roll until they became lost. They never made a connection with others.
Then one day, the main Sponap characters realized that they should join forces and combine. This gave them incredible forces.
Levli is the Yellow Sponap with the bites taken in the same direction all the way around. Lev means heart in Hebrew.
All of Lehavi’s work is represented by th trademark heart hand HeartMark connection, and all her work since that invention is about connecting all of us and our environment–reflecting that we really are all connected, and that we should connect through love.

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