Power of Infinite Goodness! Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings

Power of Infinite Goodness pendant and earrings from sterling silver, a heart in every direction!

Power of Infinite Goodness Necklace and Earrings!

This magical symbol shows that one heart and its exact inverse can create love all around! While not obvious at first, everyone is drawn to understand the mysticism behind this symbol. Once you point to them the images, they see it with surprise and excitement.
This is the first sterling silver incarnation of this beautiful symbol. Think about the meaning and wear it with pride.
On Planet Heart, all the Heartlings have the Power of Infinite Goodness inside them.
A 7 year old asked me, when I read the story of the Magic Heartoscope to the first grade class, if I believe that we are all made of hearts. I said that I believe that the little tiny particles that make us up are good. And yes, I do believe we also have the Power of Infinite Goodness inside us!
Also notice that I took care to make the heart curved so that it can look like infinity in every direction. So there’s infinite love all around and it is made from one heart and its exact copy in the opposite direction. Think about it! 🙂
The price for you to have this collectible first edition jewelry:
The earrings for $14.99 (in sterling silver.)
Necklace with silk (in red or black) and sterling silver clasp: $24.99
Or both the earrings and necklace: $34.99 (best deal!)

To order:  talilehavi@aol.com   /  subject:  order Power jewelry, sterling silver

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