Sun Sponap Beige Coaster

The lively geometric shape on this coaster is actually made up of heart “bites” that are taken out of it! Protected by a US patent, this design will allow your coaster to connect to make a heart with other coasters in this line. All the coasters will become a collectible item as new editions continue to come.
The concept of the Sponap originated with the heart hand connection which inventor Tali Lehavi created in 1996 and named the HeartMark. This inspired her to continue to design other products that will connect to make a heart.
The coaster in this set will also match the posters and mugs, so that you can have a matching room environment speaking love through the spaces. You may also mix and match items and you don’t actually have to place them side by side to create this feng shui positive aura!
Our environment should reflect our view that we love to connect through love!
I hope you enjoy this product!
I HeartMark You!


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