Sun Sponap in Live and Love Within the Spaces Poster 11″ by 14″

This geometrical arrangement celebrates the love that we can create between the spaces in our environment. Each circle has multiple “bites” of hearts taken from it. The shapes seek each other out to Connect Through Love.(TM) Even when they don’t immediately connect, the shapes create a positive energy between them.

You may actually purchase several of this poster and place them near each other to match the hearts–the HeartBites will complete each other all the way around. Artist Tali Lehavi recommends adding photos of friends into the poster, and leaving the bites as frames. This is a unique invention patented by Lehavi to allow all products to connect through love.

We are all unique individuals but we love to connect, and we should connect through love. Now our environment can truly reflect this!

The Sponap line is short for “spontaneous appreciation.” The Sun shape with the HeartBites from the Sponap line was born from the heart hand inspired gesture that Lehavi invented and named the HeartMark. The trademark HeartMark represents all of Lehavi’s work in which any number of items join to make a heart.

I HeartMark You!
🙂 Tali

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