Sun Sponap Mug 3

Elegant yet full of love! The Sun Sponap shape features 8 bites of half hearts. This allows it to connect to other Sponaps through the Heartmark Connection.
The trademark sun shape is unique because it is full of love in a subtle way. The hearts are there in the room, but they are less in your face.
How would you interpret that? To me it reminds me of kind people who help out generously without calling attention to themselves.
The Sponap stands for “spontaneous appreciation”–out of my desire to express spontaneous appreciation for people I meet, on the spot. I made note cards
“For Moments of Spontaneous Appreciation.” (TM)

I HeartMark You!
Live and Love Within The Spaces(TM) is a line of products for room decor that allows the environment to communicate love within and between the spaces!

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