The Evils of Make-Up on Children

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Everyone, make a HeartMark, take a breath in, let it out, and take time to think about something simple that we all do without much thought. Sometimes, the little things that we think are not worth worrying about are part of a bigger picture. Today’s seemingly unimportant bit is make up on children. Take time out to think about it because letting children use make up is more serious than you may think:

1. There is a difference between adults and children. The main difference is adults’ experience and ability to prevent errors. Social customs such as make up can help emphasize this generational divide. Parents who let children use make up freely are the same parents who blur the lines between the adults and the children in other areas. Their children are more likely to talk back rudely and to do age inappropriate things. Make up is not a toy for children. It’s an adult choice. When you’re too tired to deal with yet another “harmless” game, try to remember that it is easier to draw the line when they’re young than when it’s too late.
2. Make up causes cancer. The FDA does not have to test make up in the same category as food, but every woman knows that it does enter our body. If you use lip liner and immediately check your tongue with a cotton swab, you will see that the product spreads into the body within seconds even as you try to avoid this from happening. Where else does lipstick go if not into the body? None of the ingredients are intended or tested as a food or supplement. Children do not need extra years of poisons.
3. Make up tells girls that their beauty is lacking unless they cover or change it. It is an awful message. Make up manufacturers want everyone to think that they need it, and most people fall prey and perpetuate this nonsense.
4. Make up is idiotic to begin with because no guy has ever liked girls because of their make-up. Girls think that they are putting on make up to get attention from guys. Their confidence or attitude are what gets the attention. And in fact, good guys who have good intentions (and even less stable types) hit on girls who don’t wear make up a lot more often than on those who wear it. It is just a fact. Step outside with black sweats and no make-up and see how much more you’ll end up being hit on than on a day you’re dolled up! Girls who think that they are putting on make up “for themselves to feel better” should go to the gym instead and reread the other points here.
5. Girls nit pick more than guys. Any girl who starts to think she needs to hide something just needs to remember that a guy will never notice it. That’s it.

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