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Heart Mandala Brain Teasers: In Color, Level A $15.95

This beautiful book is available on Amazon if you follow this link. Directly from Planet Heart, this book is full of beautiful and inspiring mandalas that are 100% made of hearts. The mandalas offer unique challenges that author and inventor Lehavi invented. Unlike typical pattern challenges that progress linearly, Lehavi discovered that mandala images have […]

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One fun challenge to your creativity is to force yourself to cook from what you already have at home.  Pick a spot like the freezer, or the pantry, or combine them all.   You’ll be saving money and organizing at the same time.  Involve your children, and they’ll be more likely to eat that smelly old […]

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Creativity with Boundaries:

Creativity seems limitless.  It’s quite infinite in fact.  However, creativity does exist within rules.  It has some boundaries.  For example, I can make an infinite amount of heart mandalas.  But for a Heart Mandala Game Book, I have to choose a set of 3-5 fixed sizes of hearts, and keep all the hearts the same shape […]

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