Creativity with Boundaries:

Heart Mandala face made from wooden hearts

Heart Mandala face assembled by 6 year old, made of wooden hearts from the Heart Mandala Game Book 4

Creativity seems limitless.  It’s quite infinite in fact.  However, creativity does exist within rules.  It has some boundaries.  For example, I can make an infinite amount of heart mandalas.  But for a Heart Mandala Game Book, I have to choose a set of 3-5 fixed sizes of hearts, and keep all the hearts the same shape and dimensions.  I am limited by the size of the book.  I also keep all the images true to the size of the game pieces, so I can’t show designs that extended beyond the printing machine’s boundaries.  Nevertheless, I find a huge amount of combinations, within the time frame that I use to brainstorm designs.  I also have to narrow down a representative sample for the book.   I encourage you to play with as few or as many of the game pieces and find designs that are larger and more intricate than those in the book.  Take pictures, frame them, and enjoy your own heartmandalas. 

If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll know that my left brain is constantly battling my right brain for the balance between creativity and logic.  If we didn’t have the boundaries, or rules, this book might never exist.  Anything fixed is a form of order, and order means …rules, boundaries, ….left brain gets its way.

So far, three Heart Mandala Game Books have been published through Amazon, and the first Heart Mandala Game Book is published through

Here is the link to the books available through Amazon:Cover Final

The shape of the heart is in itself a combination of the right and left brain, or of creativity and logic.  It’s both symmetrical, and organic.  It has creative angles, an aesthetic design that guides the eye to flow and creates a satisfying motion.  But it is quite geometric and fits well within our mathematical space.  Of course, all items exist within the x-y-z space, and all items exist within a space of rules and boundaries.  At the same time, the universe is stunning with all its creations. 

I use hearts, but I think of beautiful animals and plants in our oceans and on land.  I find these marvels in my own back yard and in the grocery aisles.  And I appreciate any person who brings some of these creations to my attention as well, such as photographers and scientists.  

Hearts are about love.  We can have love within boundaries.  It may take us some time to identify which boundaries are important.  In the end, we find the right balance between our need for order and our need for self-expression.  When our brain hemispheres agree, we find peace. 

Do you listen to the conversation between your brain hemispheres? Do you allow each side to respect the other’s needs?  Don’t let your logic pass judgement on the creative side, or vice versa. 

May you use these heart mandalas to find inner peace.  Allow yourself to create images that are symmetrical, or not.  Each brain hemisphere can respect the other’s right to its needs.  It’s okay.  Enjoy!

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