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Enough With Competitive Sports!

I would like to see more extra-curricular options that give children pleasure through sports without adding stress to their lives. As an adult, when I go to the gym, I do it for pleasure, to unwind and to stay healthy. I have been doing this consistently since I was young. I don’t need a competition […]

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Balance—Finding Your Own Prescription

Everybody says balance is good for you. Every article tells you to exercise, eat, and sleep a certain amount that is not too little but not too much. That is the problem. “Everybody says.” It is time that you say it. As a society, we are used to following prescriptions in life–from school rules, to […]

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Food is What Keeps You Alive

Make a HeartMark, take a breath, and think about this very obvious but totally skipped basic fact: we are 100% made up of what we put into our body through our mouth. If we put into our body food that has what we need in order to grow (food with protein), then we can grow. […]

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