Food is What Keeps You Alive

Make a HeartMark, take a breath, and think about this very obvious but totally skipped basic fact: we are 100% made up of what we put into our body through our mouth. If we put into our body food that has what we need in order to grow (food with protein), then we can grow. If we put into our body food that helps us break down protein (fiber from fruits and vegetables,) then we can use the protein for growth. Otherwise it’s useless because our body cannot break it into little pieces. And it’s also the only way we can do #2. If we put into our body food that makes our bones strong—food with calcium—then our bones will be strong. If we pair this calcium with food that has vitamin C, then we will digest better the calcium. If we put into our body food with oils that help our memory, called essential oils, then we will be helping our memory (as well as the hormonal balance, vision, and other important functions.) We cannot manufacture these nutrients from thin air. We cannot make them from other nutrients. For example, we could never build the essential oil from a protein molecule. We have to get it from the food.
Check the label of the food you put into your mouth. If the food does not give you at least one of the nutrients such as protein, calcium, fiber, essential oils, or other vitamins and minerals, then it is not food. It is not nutritious. It is not meant to be in your mouth. Do not put in your mouth things that do not belong there.
Read my book to learn what kinds of food you can eat and when to group the right nutrients together, stay full, satisfied, healthy, and slim.

HeartMark heart hand Health example of food groups that should be on each meal whether large or small

One of the HeartMark Health hand out that shows sample food groups in each meal, whether large or small

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