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Guidelines for Enhancing the Hemispheres

A class that seeks to enhance Hemispheric Harmony needs to: (Exciting News: This content is patent pending) 1. Provide activities that stimulate each hemisphere. 2. Provide a method to make people aware that they are using each hemisphere 3. Provide moments of reflection to let people listen to their hemispheres. 4. Provide a way to […]

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Mandala exercises discovered to bring harmony to your dueling hemispheres

New Brain Exercises for the Right and Left Hemisphere Will Help You and Your Children! by Tali Lehavi Hamer Scottsdale, AZ– Author, artist, and inventor Tali Lehavi has found a new way to help us all feel better. She has already enriched the world by inventing the heart hand gesture called the HeartMark, which Taylor […]

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