Mandala exercises discovered to bring harmony to your dueling hemispheres

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New Brain Exercises for the Right and Left Hemisphere Will Help You and Your Children!
by Tali Lehavi Hamer

Scottsdale, AZ– Author, artist, and inventor Tali Lehavi has found a new way to help us all feel better. She has already enriched the world by inventing the heart hand gesture called the HeartMark, which Taylor Swift and others are now spreading. Now she is about to revolutionize the way we feel by giving us heart exercises…for our brain! And these exercises have never been done or understood like this before.

Lehavi calls all her exercises Mandala Fitness.™ A mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word that means circle. Mandalas have been around for centuries, often involving symbolic images that are used for spirituality and psychoanalysis. Carl Jung, the great psychologist who wrote extensively about mandalas, said that mandalas appeared in dreams in symbols brought on by problems in early childhood such as conflicts between the parents. He believed that analyzing the symbols will bring about self awareness and resolve the problems. Specifically, he asked people to draw the mandalas from their dreams and analyzed them to resolve subconscious struggles.

However, Carl Jung did not recognize the role that mandalas play on the hemispheres of the brain which Lehavi discovered. He did not notice that mandalas have a logical aspect to them that engages the left hemisphere, nor their aesthetic—right brain aspects. He further did he recognize their potential to ignite and balance the hemispheres. Lehavi’s newest important discovery is about the role of mandalas on exercising and balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Lehavi’s work began with Heart Mandalas™—a collection of books in multiple levels, from easy levels for the very young, to challenging high school levels, exercises for adults, and even levels for those with various mental disabilities. All the exercises are made 100% of unique hearts that wedge together to create beautiful mandala designs with predictable mathematical patterns. Lehavi discovered that these hyper symmetrical images with their combination of logical order and aesthetic virtues provide a lot of stimulation for each hemisphere.

Furthermore, Lehavi discovered that the right and left hemisphere duel as they attempt to create or color these Heart Mandalas. Lehavi paid close attention to her subconscious bickering while creating the beautiful designs. Her left hemisphere wanted her to maintain the logical order, while her right hemisphere wanted her to pay attention to the beauty, which sometimes required breaking the logical order.

Resolving such hemispheric duels was incredibly rewarding. Beyond the tangible product that was beautiful, Lehavi’s mandalas were a reflection of hemispheric harmony. It became clear that any product that is a result of proper give and take between the hemispheres would be therapeutic and rewarding. But not all products are convenient and safe for people to practice this hemispheric peace. People could not allow their right hemisphere to express itself while writing a memo at work, for example. They couldn’t add a joke just to please their whim.

Lehavi recognized the need to find a safe space in which the hemispheres could express themselves and practice this give and take. A mandala space is safe because it is not full of judgments and serious consequences such as the work environment. Lehavi created series of exercises in the Heart Mandala Brain Teasers series to give people plenty of exercises in which the right and left hemispheres could have their say. In fact, if one couldn’t decide if to let logic or the aesthetic win on one exercise, a similar pattern next to it is available to give the other hemisphere its turn.

All together, these hundreds of simple exercises add up to a lot of good feelings. The person that works on them finds an enormous amount of satisfaction. And these exercises are ideal for those who feel insecure about their artistic or their mathematical ability. First of all, you really can’t go wrong—no matter what you do, the end product is at once beautiful and smart. Further, no matter what you do, no one will fire you for it or say you lack talent or brains. It’s a very safe space that is just for your pleasure. Besides, it’s very cool.

Creating the Heart Mandalas and the Heart Mandala Brain Teasers led Lehavi to examine where else in life our hemispheres duel. It turned out that there is always a tug of war between them because both crave self-expression. However, the appropriate environment can provide each hemisphere a comfortable space to express itself without judgment. Besides Lehavi’s mandala books, she discovered that we can create mandalas physically with our body.

To create mandalas with one’s body, one has to create a pattern and repeat that pattern in several directions. The pattern gives the left brain its stimulation. The movement is a great activity for the right brain. However, if one adds free style at a point in the pattern, or if some personal variation is permitted, then both hemispheres will be more directly activated. Without this mandala awareness, the brain still benefits. But adding the pattern to the routine adds extra “weight” to the workout. It takes your regular wonderful work out to a more efficient, more satisfying, more beneficial physical and mental workout.

While working on any art, crafts, math activity books, or line dancing are all excellent examples of activities that nourish the mind and soul, Lehavi would like everyone to bring the element of pattern and breaking the pattern to their activities. Lehavi encourages that everyone stimulate the hemispheres on purpose which is better than simply providing right or left brain experiences. If you search for brain exercises by other grain gyms—they only exercise each brain hemisphere separately. Unlike Lehavi’s mandalas, these activities do not allow the individual to achieve the right balance between the hemispheres. Lehavi found that allowing the individual to make a large amount of inconsequential decisions between logic and creativity, as the two hemispheres duke it out, results in a huge amount of personal harmony and personal growth. The individual ends up learning a lot about themselves and about when and how much to use each hemisphere.

Lehavi believes that her discovery will help children in math because the mandala patterns, both in the books in in physical fitness classes such as Lehavi’s Mandala Yoga classes, all create an x-y-z axis in our mind. In addition to books, Lehavi designed games with very unique trademark hearts for children to build their own mandalas. She has other lines of children’s toys to stimulate the right and left hemisphere. Some even involve the basic shapes other than hearts.

“Any activity that encourages a child or an adult to build a pattern within a three dimensional space is beneficial to the brain hemispheres. It also improves people’s mathematical and artistic abilities. It makes people confident and satisfied. It brings an internal harmony and balance that radiates out. This is a very exciting discovery and it will affect product lines for years to come.”

–Tali Lehavi

Heart Mandalas logo, which is a brand of Planet Heart under HeartMark Health initiative

The Heart Mandalas is a HeartMark Health product from the Planet Heart brand

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