Art is good for you & your hemispheres!

Heart Mandala made of wooden hearts

Heart Mabdala (TM) using my trademark hearts!

If you have ever listened carefully to your thoughts while working on an art project, you probably experienced a lot of negotiations between the right and left brain. That is because your brain hemispheres are very active while you create.

Imagine playing with the wooden heart puzzle pieces and the Power of Infinite Goodness (TM) (which is made up of two hearts that make a heart in every direction.(TM)) You can make infinite patterns with these heart pieces. The hearts that I designed have a 90 degree base, 90 degree “mouth,” and 90 degree angles at 8 other points when they overlap or wedge together. They are geometric shapes with predictable angles and measurements. The wooden hearts for Game Book 4 are made in ratios of 1:1/2, so you can really create precise mathematical patterns with them. This is very satisfying for the left hemisphere which loves logic and order!
But the hearts are also aesthetic. Your right hemisphere might want to break the pattern simply because it thinks that placing the hearts in a particular arrangement looks great. And the right hemisphere deserves to have its say as well!
When you work with Heart Mandalas, or any other artistic pursuit, your two brain hemispheres usually have this gentle tug of war. I hope you treat both sides with respect and let both of them express themselves! You will all benefit!

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