Game Pieces For Heart Mandala Game Book 4

Mandala design from wooden hearts

Sample design you could make from the magical wooden hearts!

Game Pieces cover for Heart Mandala & Planet Heart Game Book 4

Beautiful Wooden Hearts, and just $15.95!!!

#1 BEST SELLER!!! An interactive building toy made 100% of Hearts! Your child will play with these hearts endlessly!

The hearts have real magical powers! Keep reading to learn why!

These wooden hearts, from birch wood, match all the designs in Game Book 4, which is available on

Your child can place the hearts directly on the designs in the book, or create any designs that their imagination can come up with!

The hearts have magical powers because they are made to match in multiple directions! Inventor of the HeartMark heart hand gesture spent a lot of time fine tuning this unique heart so that it can overlap perfectly. The result: A 90 degree angle at the bottom, a 90 degree angle on top, a 90 degree angle forms in four places when the two copies of the same heart overlap to form the Power of Infinite Goodness (TM), and there’s a 90 degree angle in 8 different places when you create the Family-Friendship Symbol (TM) using 4 hearts! But forget the math. Basically, this means that you can wedge every heart to match and fit together with all the other hearts and create the Power of Infinite Goodness (TM) and wedge more hearts in every direction! It’s real magic! It works only with these unique trademark hearts!

And it’s the #1 Best Seller. Any child that loves building toys will love to design people, flowers, and even pets! Anything is possible!

You get:
40 little wooden hearts.
16 medium hearts
8 large hearts.

Every heart matches the same size of the hearts in the book. You cannot buy the hearts on Amazon. You can only buy the book on Amazon. The book is both a game and a coloring book. You can also color the wooden hearts.

They are uncoated and free of harmful chemicals.

I hope you enjoy this product!

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