You Are Not a Garbage Can (TM)

A garbage can is opaque so that you don’t see what you put into it. You don’t have to think about how the food rots once you throw it in there. But you are not a garbage can. Do not put food in your mouth without thinking about it. Take steps to consume the food. First, make a HeartMark and think about what your body needs. Read my book to learn how to identify your hunger and what you should be reaching for and when.
The book “The HeartMark Method to Nutrition” will guide you through the complete steps that you should think about each time you make a choice. It becomes automatic after you practice it a few times. You will never reach for food mindlessly. It is a proven method for success! Try it!

You are not a garbage can! from the HeartMark heart hand nutrition lectures in 2008 and later

You Are Not a Garbage Can! ...and notice that "Junk Food is a Thief!"

Email to receive this and other wonderful handouts! Here the thief is sugar and other junk food because junk steals nutrients. I have similar worksheets that teach and let children color Lovelle.

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