Live & Love Within the Spaces! (TM) Poster 11″ by 14″ $11.95

The frame of this art literally connects to other frames, embodying the topic of the art! Artist and inventor Tali Lehavi invented the heart hand gesture which she named the HeartMark. In the process of patenting it, and through further years of being inspired by such a beautiful powerful concept of two or more items joining to make a heart, Lehavi developed an entire line of room decor that mimics the same value–that we should all connect through love.
This particular trademark frame design is ingenious because it will connect to other frames in this series. You may purchase several, and you may even choose to put your own photos on top of some of artwork. Any arrangement of the frames will result in the HeartMark connection!

The frame with the images of the half hearts is both patented and a trademark of Tali Lehavi. Lehavi would love to license it, so please contact her!
I HeartMark You!

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