Pet Peeve: Programs That Accuse Customers of Failing

HeartMark Health logo with the heart hand gesture invented by Tali Lehavi
Have you heard this on infomercials: “You failed. Not the program?”
I have seen this too many times. It kills me. It was done onto me by a nutritionist. Many people who think that they are trained and qualified to help still make terrible mistakes when it comes to helping others with nutrition. They are just not intuitive enough to know what really will help someone. They quote usually whatever was said onto them. Sometimes, they just get frustrated because they are human.
Weight Watchers said this to me, as did a private nutritionist. Since then, I learned that they failed, not me. I hear it so often from so many others who claim that they know the answers. It has to stop. It is flat out wrong and it is so abusive and evil.
No, the customer did not fail. Anyone who tries to exercise and eat healthy and somehow “gains weight” did not fail. Run far away from anyone who tells you that.
I HeartMark You!

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