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This blog is intended to inspire all to want to lead a healthy lifestyle, from nutrition to fitness, to psychological tips.

The Monkey Vs. The Tiger–Which One Are You?

I learned about the monkey and the tiger in Dietary Anthropology in UC Berkeley. It was one of my favorite courses—I highly recommend it. So this is not a HeartMark Health original, but it helped form many of my theories and it will help you when you think about your food choices. The monkey eats […]

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Serving Size vs. Value Guide

The “serving size” on food labels is misnamed. It is time to change the name. It should be called: “Value Guide.” Currently, the serving size implies that people should eat the amount of the serving. This amount makes no sense to people. It is completely determined by the product’s desire to appear safe compared to […]

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You CAN be Free of Weight Issues

Sadly, there are still people who think they should change their habits for a brief amount of time in order to lose weight. I understand the desperation to get results. I understand the fear that they have no control to be successful otherwise, and I recognize the temporary boost in self esteem that they could […]

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HeartMark Health Plate

The US government shows what they think should be on your plate. Though it is an improvement in the right direction, I think the list should be a bit different. I can teach my food plate in a 45 minute entertaining lecture to children and their parents. I review what each food group is, what […]

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Secret to Sleep

The secret to sleeping well is to do cardio. Stop surfing the web right now and head to the gym. Many exercises are healthy and many might say that they will help you sleep. For example, yoga, which I teach, says that it will relax you. It does. It makes you feel great. But for […]

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Calcium never gets enough attention. This blog is directed to women. As always with HeartMark Health, this article will not repeat the same old material that you can find elsewhere. Women do not store extra calcium that does not get consumed from one day to the next once they are about 24. This means that […]

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Congenital Heart Walk!

Team Planet Heart is proud to return this year to help raise funds for the Congenital Heart Walk! The event will be held on Sunday, November 6th, at 8am, at the Tempe Diablo Stadium in Tempe, AZ. The event raises funds for research to help people who are born with congenital heart challenges. The fundraiser […]

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Dinner for Breakfast (TM)

You’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your grandmother warned you not to skip breakfast and even to eat a big meal. But for some reason, many people in the US take that to mean that they should eat typical American breakfast foods in a larger quantity. If you […]

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Congenital Heart Walk Team Planet Heart

Team Planet Heart for Congenital Heart Walk by talilehaviJoin one of the biggest graphic design affiliate programs HeartPrayers happen when we join forces and Connect through love!(TM) It’s time to join together to raise funds for the valuable Congenital Heart research at the Congenital Heart Walk! Come at 8am on November 6th, 2011. To join […]

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Dip Night Out! (TM) — Dip Parties!

The HeartMark Health Dip Parties are open to anyone who wants to try them! This is yet another HeartMark original invention! Dips began as a popular dish on the cartoon character world Planet Heart.(TM) The Heartling Chef Tendercor made dips in different stories and episodes. It was very entertaining as a cartoon. Then it dawned […]

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The Protein-Fiber-Calcium-Essential Oils Relationship

HeartMark Health prefers to group food by 4 main categories that are different from the government’s groups. HeartMark Health has been teaching this for a long time. The recent changes to the food pyramid reflect that the government is finally getting closer to understanding that the benefits from the food are the focus of the […]

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Balance—Finding Your Own Prescription

Everybody says balance is good for you. Every article tells you to exercise, eat, and sleep a certain amount that is not too little but not too much. That is the problem. “Everybody says.” It is time that you say it. As a society, we are used to following prescriptions in life–from school rules, to […]

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